Gho Matha Samrakshanam
                  Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
                         Bava Sankara Desikame Saranam!

     Protect Gho Matha, the world will be much more peaceful...

        Gho Samrakshanam
           (Save Cows)
Protect Gho Maatha, the entire universe will be much more peaceful...

Save Cow

                                                Jai Ganesha!


"Pledge To Save At least One Cow. Join Hands When It Matters the Most. Enable and Empower Ghosala‚Äôs to rescue Cows from Slaughter".

With the benign blessings and grace of Pujya Sri Kanchi Shankaraacharya's, Pujya Sri Guruji Amma, & Brahmasri Guruji Gopalavallidasar, our mission is to save and feed:

1. Aged Cows
2. Unproductive Cows     
3. Neglected Cows

4. Handicapped/Sick Cows
5. Temple Cows
6. Any Cow deemed for slaughter


"Cow Protection Movement should spread like Wild fire, Flourish, and Prosper."

Our primary goal is to feed hungry cows on a 'Daily' basis with very little overhead and also work with the kind hearted people who are involved in this div
ine but immensely challenging task of rescuing, feeding, maintaining aged, neglected, and unproductive cows. This means working as a team, providing financial assistance, limited physical support, however possible.


1. Do Daily Gho Matha Samrakshanam

2. Abolish Leather Products
3. Do Not use Gelatin Products
4. Avoid Throwing Plastic Covers
5. Support Cattle Based Agriculture/Organic Products
6. Sign Anti-Cruelty Petitions @ 
7. Petition to President
8. Stop Supporting Business's Involved In Cow Cruelty
9. Offer Ghosala Volunteer Service
10. Catch Them (Children) Young!
11. Use Our Clout
12. Consolidate Cow Protection Rules, Case Studies &    
Transportation Laws
13. Do Not Mix Coffee/Tea with Milk
14. Spread The Word To One And All
15. Do Gho Puja @ Home & Gho Archana
16. Gho Hundi & Gho Hoardings @ Home
17. Do Gho Dhanam & Accept Gho Dhanam
18. Contribute 1 A Day/Week/Month

How the above mentioned objectives can be accomplished in our daily routine are detailed out in the Next Steps & Actions menu option.