Gho Matha Samrakshanam
                  Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
                         Bava Sankara Desikame Saranam!

     Protect Gho Matha, the world will be much more peaceful...

        Gho Samrakshanam
           (Save Cows)
Protect Gho Maatha, the entire universe will be much more peaceful...

Save Cow

                                                    Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who runs this Gho Samrakshanam initiative and website? 

 This is a volunteer initiative undertaken by a group of like-minded people following on the
    footsteps of Pujya Sri HH Kanchi Maha Periyava. The Mission, Goals, and Objectives are
    specified in the About Menu. 

2. Is this a Registered Trust or Non-Profit Organization? 

This is not a Registered Trust/Non Profit Organization.  Right now, this is a small                    
    scale initiative started to do our bit for saving Gho Mathas and Lokha Kshemam (
    Peace). This initiative will  mature along by the blessings of our Aacharaya's.  The 
goal is to
    register as a Trust/Non Profit Organization in the future or partner with like-minded N

. How does this Gho Samrakshanam process work end to end?

Please see the pages in Next Steps & Actions Menu Option for how this process works end to end.  Due to          the challenging nature of this work and complexities involved, there are a few dimensions to this process. In     short, we are providing front end, communication, financial support for Ghosala’s who actually save and             protect Gho Mathas.

. What are your Preferred Ghosalas?

At present, we are supporting the following Ghosalas. These Ghosalas primarily work on         
    saving cows from slaughter.
        a. CKR Shankaar Ghosala in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu -

5. How do I participate in this Divine Seva?

    In US or other foreign countries, you can easily participate through your current online banking by setting
    up recurring payments of at least $1 a day or $30 a month and transfer it online to a local Ghosala account in

    US. The funds will then be transferred to the Ghosala account in India.

     In India, you can give Monthly Standing Instructions to transfer a fixed amount on a particular day every          month from your account to our India account (specified in the Payment Details Contribution Info.)

    Please remember to send your contact info. to [email protected] for helping us track your payments         and also provide you periodic updates.

6. How do I know this is trust worthy?

    Anything in life begins with belief and trust. By the grace of our Aacharya's you will find us trust worthy in       a short period of time,   since the nature of the operations are going to be visible and transparent. We will           publish periodic financial reports as to how the funds are utilized for the right reasons. We will also publish     contact info./photo/video's of Gho Matha's, and Ghosalas. Once Gho Matha's are rescued they can be                 verified personally in the respective Gho Shala's it is sold to. Transparency, Visibility, and Communication
    are some of the key aspects in these sort of
initiatives and is well realized by the team involved.

7. If I cannot contribute financially, how do I provide Physical Support? 

You can provide Physical Support in a number of ways:

    a. Help us feed aged/neglected/unproductive/handicapped/sick cows ‘Daily’ by identifying
 local vegetable
        markets nearby where there is a lot of vegetable waste accumulated every 
day. Vegetables waste can also
        be secured from our homes,  local restaurants, hostels, 
apartment complexes/nearby neighborhood (which
       will require the home to sign-up for 
vegetable waste collection on a given day).

    b. Create awareness on helping stop people avoiding eating beef. A statistic report says, it 
saves around 12  
         beefs and cattle in an individual’s life time if the individual decides to 
give up beef eating.

    c. Campaign for increased usage of Gho based Organic products.

    d. Inform us on any suspicious activity where you think cows are being illegally taken out for slaughtering.            Please 
remember, in some states cow slaughter is banned and is illegal, and in most of the other states one
         needs to get a 'Fit for Slaughter' Certificate from 
the government before they slaughter. We have the all
         the rights in the world to file a 
complaint and proceed with legal action if this process is not followed.
         Sadly, even though, 
we see this is not followed, we hardly complain as we indulge in our own worldly    

      Last, but not the least, share all your experiences, tips, etc. on the above based points with us so we can      
       also have
 like-minded people join you as it will be source of inspiration for others involved in this divine

8. Is this team always constant?

    By the grace of HH, the team that runs this website and financial affairs will be constant.

9. Is Dollar a Day the only program or are there are any other programs?

Per our Mission, Goals & Objectives, we are looking at providing 'Consistent' support to Gho                
    Matha's so Dollar a Day program would be ideal. However, there is no compulsion,  if someone
    wants to contribute less than one dollar a day or contribute a one-time amount that 
is  acceptable
    as well. This is a 'Divine Duty' and we all should try to do our best we can. If 
not financially,
    please do contribute physically (See Question 7). Members can contribute both
 financially and
    physically as well.

10. How much does a cow cost?

A cow cost approximately Rs. 8,000 but it largely varies depending on the state of the cow,
    market, location, etc. We will keep you posted on every single financial transaction 
that has
    been made from our end.

11. Are the collected funds going to be deposited in a CD or FD scheme?

Right now, whatever funds we get will be utilized every month for saving and feeding Gho
      Mathas. In the future, as we grow and mobilize more funds a corpus fund can be 
setup  for
      supporting Gho Shalas.

12. Whom do I contact for any questions?

  Please reach out to us using the Contact Us information provided in the More -> Seva      
      Members & Contact Info., Site Administrators Info. section.

                                             Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!!